Dear friend,

I have always thought that each person can bring us new things, new perspectives, new dreams, new goals, new smiles.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to meet new people and live incredible experiences, which have enriched my life not only as a musician, but also as a person. That is why I look forward to hearing your worries, interests, joys, dreams… I eagerly hope that we can see one another soon, whether it is at the entrance to a concert, in a cafe, or on the street of any city in the world.

I have always thought that every ounce of effort, every second of perseverance, has its future reward.

Don´t give up your dreams, don´t stop daydreaming. You could say that, to me, dreaming is not wasting a second more and getting down to business enjoying every moment, day, and night of going after whatever you want, whatever you hope for… is there anything more beautiful than dreaming?

But, undoubtedly, I have always thought that, while I might write many lyrics, songs, play tens of thousands of instruments, without the support of people like you, all of this would be meaningless.

Thank you for believing in my music.

Thank you for believing in me.


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