Bmitic Producciones, S.L. considers its main objective to be the assurance of privacy in regards to the personal information of its Users collected through any system that allows for the transmission of data (hereinafter, “Personal Information”). In order to accomplish this objective and protect your privacy, we have prepared this privacy policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”), in which we highlight and commit ourselves to the assurance of those legal requirements stipulated in the laws and regulations which may apply. This policy addresses the following issues:


Collection and use

Use of Cookies


Transfer and/or Sharing of Information

“Newsletter” services and promotion of products and services

Security measures

Exercising rights of access, modification and deletion

Personal options

Changes in regulations

Likewise, in compliance with Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Information, and in particular accordance with article 5, which regulates the right to information in the collection of data, by means of this document, Bmitic Producciones, S.L. advises you of the following:



Bmitic Producciones, S.L. (hereinafter, “Bmitic Producciones” ), a company of Spanish nationality with C.I.F. B-70393707, is the titular entity of those files which contain your Personal Information, and is likewise responsible for the use of said information.


Personal Data. Bmitic Producciones may request Personal Information through online forms. Depending on the case, the Personal Information we may request you to provide, may include but will not be limited to the following:

First and Last Name





Telephone Number

Likes and musical preferences

The Personal Information will be automatically stored, at a location in the European Union or in the United States of America, and will comply with the requirements of the existing applicable legislation in Spain (hereinafter, the “Personal Information File”). The existence and characteristics of the Personal Information File will be communicated to the Information Protection Agency.

Purpose. The Personal Information will be processed and used by Bmitic Producciones. The purpose of the collection and use of the Personal Information includes:
The implementation and maintenance of any contractual relationship which may be held between Bmitic Producciones and the User and/or, in some cases, the execution, management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of services by Bmitic Producciones that are requested. The adaptation of said services to the preferences and tastes of the Users, including but not limited to, the design of related new services and updates.

The transmission, by traditional and/or electronic means, of product and/or service information that is technical, operative, publicity, promotional, or self-promotional in nature.

The implementation of internal studies regarding demographical data, interests and User behavior. The purpose of the collection and use of the Personal Information also includes the transmission of polling forms, which the User is not obligated to answer.

Management of use: Bmitic Producciones may contract with any person or entity that, alone or jointly with others, may handle the Personal Information on behalf of Bmitic Producciones. In this case, Bmitic Producciones will contractually regulate the use and confidentiality of the Personal Information by said third parties, in accordance with this policy and all applicable law.

Consent: By submitting information through any online form which request Personal Information, the user expressly and unequivocally declares their consent of Personal Information to be included in the Personal Information File, subject to use by Bmitic Producciones in accordance with this Policy. With regard to information that may be submitted by minors, said information will always be understood be obtained with the consent of the parent, guardian, or legal guardian in order for the Personal Information to be subject for use in accordance with the expectations of this Policy.

Whenever Bmitic Producciones solicits Personal Information, a link to this Policy will be included, with the intention of informing you of those rights and obligations related to the protection of Personal Information. Any circumstance in which the Personal Information solicited is used, other than those specified in this Policy, will be expressly communicated



Bmitic Producciones may use “cookies” when the User browses through any of our web pages. A “cookie” can be defined as a text file containing user information which a web site stores on a user’s hard drive. Once the browser is closed, the “cookie” installed on the hard drive of the computer ceases to function. Bmitic Producciones reserves the right to utilize “cookies” in order to facilitate the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in the online services provided to the Users. The advantages resultant in the acceptance of “cookies” includes saving time, for example, preventing repetitive verification of registration each time the user accesses the website. The additional advantage provided by “cookies” is that it enables the tracking and characterization of the user’s interests in order to make your visit to our website easier. The user has the ability to configure their browser in order to be notified of the reception of “cookies” and to prevent the installation of “cookies” on the hard drive. If you do not wish to accept the installation of “cookies” on your hard drive, it is important that you configure your browser to that effect. Even if you configure your browser to reject “cookies”, you will be able to browse our website, the only drawback being the inability to participate fully in all of the services offered. Bmitic Producciones assumes no liability regarding “cookies” which third parties unrelated to our services may have installed on your computer’s hard drive.



The present web site includes hyperlinks (“link”) which enable you to move to other pages or web sites. Bmitic Producciones assumes no liability whatsoever with regard to the policies on protection of information which may have been adopted by those pages, and advises users to investigate that content themselves. In any case, users should be fully aware that this policy applies solely and exclusively to the information gathered in the present web site.



Bmitic Producciones can share Personal Information with those companies which make up its International Group. In those cases in which Bmitic Productions will transfer Personal Information to our Group Companies located in countries that, in accordance with article 33 of the Protection of Information law:

Do not provide a level of protection comparable to that required by the applicable Spanish legislation.

Do not include among the exceptions of article 34 of the same law, the correct authorization from the Director of the Information Protection Agency will be obtained.

In any case the resultant use of Personal information by those third parties will be limited to compliance with the same purposes as the collection and use of personal information. Contractually, the aforementioned sharing will be documented, including clauses which safeguard the confidentiality of the Personal Information, pursuant to those Companies not retaining, transferring, nor sharing the information in question for purposes other than those indicated, assuring, in any case, the removal or destruction of that information which may be left to their disposal once having completed its purpose.



Whenever a User wishes to subscribe to our newsletter and promotional services, you will be requested to provide the required Personal Information, in most cases the minimum information necessary in order to receive promotions, which will solely be used for the purposes to which these services correspond. In any case, advertising that may be received through this system will be easily identifiable as such. At any time, you can express your desire to no longer receive promotions by sending a request to the e-mail address



Bmitic Producciones guarantees that we have adopted the required levels of security for the protection of Personal Information, and that we have installed all of the means and technical measures at our disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of information. We have taken the organizational measures necessary to ensure the servers in which the information is physically stored and protected are located on the premises, properly conditioned, and have restricted access. Please feel free to contact us with your doubts, questions comments, or suggestions in regards to security, by e-mailing us at



Those individuals who have provided information to Bmitic Producciones, may address us, as managers of those files which contain your Personal Information, with the goal of exercising rights of access, deletion, correction, and opposition, with respect to the included information. Given the extremely personal nature of these rights, it will be necessary that the affected client’s identity be verified by Bmitic Producciones, and Bmitic Producciones reserves the right to take the necessary measures in order to verify your identity. The right of access, to exercise with annual regularity, unless accredited legitimate interest. To exercise your right of access, the affected person may choose to send an e-mail to

Once your identity is verified, Bmitic Producciones will proceed to notify you of our decision within a month. If it is of an affirmative nature, you may access the aforementioned information within a period of 10 days following notification. The rights of correction and deletion may be exercised, in accordance with the following provisions, always and when you consider the Personal Information collected in our files to be inaccurate, incomplete, inadequate, or excessive. If this is the case, you can exercise your rights by the previously detailed means. Once your identity is verified, Bmitic Producciones will proceed with the correction or deletion of the Personal Information within 10 days of the receipt of your request.



In any case, users should be aware that the complete deletion of their information will not be possible, except when lawful loss is claimed, in cases which the communication is relative to our own services, and any time that the information content is relevant to the maintenance and integrity of our operating system.



Bmitic Producciones reserves the right to modify this Policy with the purpose of adapting it to new legislation, as well as that which may derive from existing matter in the field, or for strategic corporative motives. Such changes will be communicated in advance if necessary on our web site, without prejudice to claim the necessary consent of those affected when not deemed granted pursuant to the terms of this policy. Should you have any doubts, questions, or comments with reference to these Regulations, do not hesitate to contact us by directing your communication to: